Risk Racing Hose Bender Black Edition - Premium Utility Jug Spout

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Hose Bender Black Edition - Premium Utility Jug Spout

Never Fight with your Spout Again

Wrestling a full utility jug and getting the spout in and out of small container holes is always a challenge, which usually ends up with spilled liquids. Risk Racing now offers the “Black Edition Hose Bender” spout, a utility jug spout that uses the cap and lanyard to create a natural bend to the hose.

A new material in the utility jug market, this new HDPE rubber has been tested to stay soft and malleable compared to its plastic or PVC counterparts that harden up over time.

Using the Hose Bender banner featuring 3 steps and lots of graphics explaining how to use the EZ jug. text reads: universal spout, ez pour, ez control, no leaks. step 1, remove cap. step 2, hook cap. step 3, pour in.

Consistent Bend

This bend is what makes it easy to place your spout into your fill container without spilling liquids. It also makes pulling the hose out of the fill container easy, reducing spilling and spraying when your container is full and you need a quick exit.

Hose Bender stability hook

Stability Hook

The Black Hose Bender also helps stabilize your utility jug while pouring. This stability is maintained by a hook located at the end of the Black Hose Bender spout which rests on the lip of the fill container. This simple but innovative design feature is a huge asset when filling any container.

Aluminum Cap

The new cap is CNC aluminum and anodized red to match the breather in the EZ3 Utility Jug. This new design screws into the body and traps a nitrile rubber o-ring to ensure no leaking or popping out during transport.

Hose Bender stability hook

Hose Bender molded hose clamps

Hose Clamps

The new Black Hose Bender includes two custom molded hose clamps to prevent leaking. Not only are these new hose clamps functional, but aesthetically they are a premium upgrade over ugly metal hose clamps.

Universal Compression Fitting

The new ¾” threaded hosed adapter now offers a flange at the top of the threads. This flange traps the nitrile o-ring ensuring no leaks while pouring or transporting fluids.

Thread this universal spout onto the Risk Racing EZ3 Utility Jug, or any other utility jug with a ¾” thread in the top of the cap.

Learn more about the EZ Utility Jug

Hose Bender compression fitting


Spout bender for spill free operation

HDPE rubber that outlasts the competition

Stability hook

High efficiency flow rate

Threads into most caps

What's Included

Risk Racing Hose Bender
Black Hose Bender

California Prop. 65 WARNING:
This product can expose you to Bisphenol A, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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