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What is the Rarest Dirt Bike in the World?

February 17, 2022 1 Comment

What is the Rarest Dirt Bike in the World?

Dirt bikes are used all over the US for various kinds of purposes. From racing to having fun at the dunes, people love dirt bikes because they are lightweight, easy to learn to use, and can provide lots of fun and entertainment. Dirt bikes can also be ridden by everyone from very small children to large adults, which makes them quite versatile as a toy for having fun with.

The rarest dirt bike in the world is the 1968 Suzuki TM250. Only 65 of these bikes were sent to the US in the first batch, making this a very rare find if you love a classic dirt bike. It can be very difficult to get a hold of this bike due to the extremely low production numbers for the first sales.

If you have been inspired by this information, read on to learn more about rare and unique dirt bikes!

Rare Dirt bikes

What is the Rarest Dirt Bike in the World?

If you have owned dirt bikes for a long time, or you are just shopping for your first dirt bike, you might be wondering which is the rarest dirt bike? There are always unique makes and models of every kind of vehicle that everyone wishes that they could have, and dirt bikes are no different. While you might not be shopping for the rarest dirt bike in the world, you might become inspired by checking out these rare finds!

·        1968 Suzuki TM250

There were only 65 of these bikes that were sent over to the US during the first production year. This means that these bikes are now worth well over $100,000 each in most markets. This is not a bike that you would want to use if you did find one to buy, but they are reputed to be fast, zippy, fun little bikes. This bike was used in racing exclusively at the time, and while it is older technology now, it was very speedy for its day.

1968 TM 250

·        1961 Lito 500 Motocross

This is a brand that used to be a household name in motocross back in the 60s. This bike was used to win the 1961 FIM 500cc World Motocross Championship. This bike was the result of a rivalry between Britain and Sweden and the bike was built by Nils Hedlund in Sweden to compete with the best British construction at that time. There are only 35 originals in existence and they are worth around $55,000.

1961 Lito 500 Motocross

·        1975 Puch MC250 Twin Carb

This is an Austrian bike that was used to win many major world championships in the 70s. This is a really classic-looking little bike and it was quite the speedy customer in its day! There were 90 of these machines made in ‘75, but they were not sold until ’76. This is one of the rarest finds on the market due to the sales being made the year after manufacture and release overseas.

1975 Puch MC250 Twin Carb

What is the Biggest Dirt Bike in the World?

Dirt bikes are not big by definition. If you make them big, they are no longer dirt bikes, but there have been some bikes that have had really large and powerful engines over the years. This is usually what is referred to when someone mentions a big dirt bike. Big dirt bikes are usually made for racing and are for larger adults, but there are a few that can be ridden by almost anyone.

A big dirt bike is not mandatory for racing effectiveness but big bikes can help make sure that you are able to really compete in larger classes or on certain kinds of terrain.

·        KTM 450 SX-F

This bike is one of the most powerful bikes on the market right now with its 449.9cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine. This bike fits a lot of different sizes of riders and it can go as fast as 123 mph! This is a really great bike for you if you like to push the envelope and want to see what your bike can really do! It costs $10,199 but is worth the investment for this size engine.

KTM 450 SX-F

·        Honda CRF450R

Honda has always been synonymous with powerful bikes that are a thrill to ride. The 450R offers up a 450cc engine that is made for racing, trails, and more! This is rumored to be one of the best overall bikes that Honda has ever made and people who own them say that they almost can’t use all of the available power! This bike comes in at $9,339.

CRF 450R

·        ATK Intimidator

This bike has a huge engine at 685 cc. This makes for 78 HP, which is a lot of power for this kind of use. Racers are able to get up to 110 mph using this bike. This is a bike that is currently thought of as the fastest and biggest bike in the world. This is not a beginner bike by any means but it can serve a really good purpose for experienced racers.

 ATK Intimidator

What is the Most Expensive Dirt Bike in the World?

Dirt bikes are often thought of as the most affordable toy that you can own and it is often really easy to get into racing with dirt bikes when compared to the cost of buying a race car or other kind of racing vehicle. There are some dirt bikes that come in at a high dollar amount though.

·        1963 Bonneville Desert Sled- Steven McQueen

This is a great bike that is in a collector’s home today. It sold last for $103,500 in 2016. These kinds of classic bikes tend to be worth a pretty penny to collectors and enthusiasts alike, and having an association with a famous movie or a famous person can make it even more costly to get your hands on one of them.

1963 Bonneville Desert Sled- Steven McQueen

·        Steve McQueen’s “On Any Sunday” Husqvarna

This collector bike is considered one of the most sought-out bikes in the world. It sold for $230,000 in 2018. It is a gorgeous bike and being connected with a famous film from a peak era of a Hollywood star’s career has made it even more valuable. This is not a bike that you would ride on a daily basis, but this is a really amazing bike to add to your collection that’s chalked full of history.

  Steve McQueen’s “On Any Sunday” Husqvarna

·        Harley Davidson MT500

Harley Davidson has always been a big name in the biking world, and their MT500 is one of the most famous bikes in the world as well as one of the rarest. This is a big bike that offers a powerful 4 stroke engine that has a lot to do with the American Muscle scene. This bike will cost you $26,500.

Harley Davidson MT500

Buying a Rare Bike Can Be a Blast

If you are passionate about dirt bikes, owning a rare one can be a really great way to enjoy your dirt biking experience. Your rare bike will cause lots of commentary and you will be able to teach other dirt bike enthusiasts about the history of your unique bike once you own it.

Do not feel pressured to commit to owning a rare bike, however. You can enjoy your dirt biking experience just as much with a quality bike at a lower price point. Dirt bikes are a really great way to have a lot of fun on the trails and the dunes or at the track. Kids and adults both enjoy dirt biking, which makes this a great family fun toy.

Dirt biking is a really fun activity and everyone who owns one will tell you that they have never stopped being passionate about dirt biking since they bought their first dirt bike.

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March 07, 2023

Hi what about a klx250c1 1983 ? It’s a rare bike, very hard to find oem parts for. Thanks Dal

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