7 Different Ways to Dial In Your Moto Van, Truck, or Trailer - Risk Racing

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7 Different Ways to Dial In Your Moto Van, Truck, or Trailer

July 06, 2020

7 Different Ways to Dial In Your Moto Van, Truck, or Trailer - Risk Racing

With people riding all around the world, it is no surprise that there is a variety of moto setups we see. Whether it be a trailer build, a moto van, or just a hitch design, the creativity riders come up with never ceases to amaze us! Are you struggling to find the route you are wanting to take your setup down? Check out these 7 moto setups to help dial in your perfect setup!

Moto Van for hauling dirt bikes

1. Simple & Clean - Even though everyone gets hooked on the trick moto setups in the pits, what is wrong with keeping it simple for your van or trailer? Like the picture above, the van has plenty of room for storage and ease of access to move around get anything you would need from it. Everything down to the unloading process is easier. On a budget? This is a great start for getting the most use of your space, while saving some money along the way!

Family motocross Van Mini dirt Bike

2. Family Time - Not many moto setups include windows, mainly for security reasons, but that does not mean they do not work! This setup has an awesome vinyl floor installed, making the van easy to clean and is very eye-catching. It has plenty of room for bikes and gear, along with room up front for the family as well. The only thing that would make this better would be a couple EZ Utility Jugs.

Moto Van Moto Setup dirt bike sprinter van

3. Home Away from Home - As any racer knows, comfort is key when looking to perform well. Your moto setup is included in that! Why not make your setup up as homey as possible? If you can walk into your van and feel like you are at home, it makes you feel more comfortable throughout the entire day! The wooden slabs give it a rustic look, very nice!

Camping Moto Truck Risk Racing

4. An Outdoor Lovers Dream - Are you a person that leaves the house to trail ride for days? What’s more convenient than having a setup that can handle a bike and sleeping quarters at the same time? Holy cow! This setup isn’t a cheap one, but it is one that will 100% pay off as you will reap the benefits for years! If you are a person who loves the camping side of the outdoors as well, STKR Concepts is guaranteed to satisfy your lighting needs! You will have the moto community and camping enthusiasts both turning their heads!

Moto Van Lock-N-Load Pro EZ Utility Jug hitch hauler dirt bike van

5. Party in the Back - Who needs a full setup inside the van when you can complete the look on the outside?! The EZ Utility Jugs are a must have for the hitch setup. You are able to lock your jugs down to make sure the fuel isn't going anywhere! This moto van has the space on his rear mount to load his bike and even store some fluids! This leaves the entire inside space of the van open for so many activities, as the Step Brothers Brennan and Dale would say!

sprint work Van with Motocross dirt bike

6. Working Class Hero - Not everyone has the ability to have a van or trailer solely dedicated to moto, myself included. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it cool! Here is a work van that transfers into a moto van for the weekend! It has a spot to work on the bike and even relax between the motos! The RR1 Ride-On Stand provides just enough room in the trailer needed to get the bike onto the stand!

Sprinter Moto van Risk Racing dirt bike haulers

7. The Kitchen Sink - You would be hard pressed to find something that is not in this van! It has everything you could need for a weekend trip! Bikes? Check. Sleeping arrangements? Check. Work bench? Check.

As you can easily tell, the last setup shown is much different than the first one. Does that make one of them better than the other? Absolutely not! That’s what makes everyone unique and different. Think through which setup will be most beneficial for you and your circumstances and roll with it! There are no wrong ways to go about it!

The YouTube channel, Fit4Moto, has this down to a tee. The passion Mitch has, along with some Canadian dollars, has his new moto van ready to challenge anyone in the pits on a given ride day. Head over to his YouTube channel and check out Part 1 of his Moto Van build with his new 2020 Ford Transit van.

To find the Risk Racing products that should be included in your moto van, check out our website! Also, our sister company, STKR Concepts, can spruce up a setup as well, so do not miss out on what all they have to offer!

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