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Adjustable Motocross Starting Blocks

  • 5-Point Adjustable Height
  • Interlocking For Easy Storage & Transport
  • Achieve Better Holeshot Starts
  • Beneficial For Riders Of All Sizes
  • Material: Heavy Duty Power Coated Steel
  • Dimensions
    • Size: 18" x 7.25" x 3.5" (457mm x 184mm x 89mm)
    • Weight: 4.5lb (2.04kg)
  • 1-year warranty
  • [2] Adjustable Starting Blocks

Short description

The Adjustable Starting Blocks provide a level and consistent launching point regardless of leg length, soil consistency, or the presence of ruts. Allowing the rider to focus solely on race strategy and navigating your way to the front of the pack. Simply adjust the blocks to a height that works for you!

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Revolutionize Your Moto Starts

Adjustable Motocross Starting Blocks Help Win Holeshots!

When it comes to holeshots, no motocross company knows them better than Risk Racing. We have been the leader in practice motocross starting gates since 2007. Along with helping amateurs and pro racers grab holeshots and podium-level finishes for years, we’ve been constantly improving our designs based on our observations and feedback from riders.

Perfect Your Body Position and Balance

Historically, motocross starting blocks have been used mainly by kids so their short legs can touch the ground. Anyone with legs long enough to barely touch the ground with tippy toes ditched the starting blocks and left balance to chance. Risk Racing started asking why? The start is arguably one of the most important aspects of a motocross race. Why not use all the tools at your disposal to give the best body position and balance possible?
Adjustable motocross starting blocks shown in a faded out lifestyle image making the focus solely on the starting blocks
5 height animation of the Adjustable Starting Blocks

Innovative Design with 5 Levels of Adjustment

Risk Racing makes the most innovative motocross starting blocks on the market today. They quickly adjust to five different height levels. This enables the rider to perfect their body position at the gate, improve their balance, and get their feet closer to the foot pegs. All of this helps riders achieve the perfect launch out of the gate and eventually to the top of the podium.

Practice, Perfect, Perform

The height adjustment is also important on dirt starting pads. As the race day progresses, the rut changes depth. Your first moto might need a different height setting from your last moto as the rut deepens.

Also, parents with multiple kids racing will appreciate not having to buy multiple starting blocks for different sized kids.

Adjustable Motocross Starting Blocks Risk Racing Lifestyle 5
extreme close up of the back tire of a mx racer lined up at a moto start at Daytona. The focus is on their Plews Tyre and Adjustable Motocross Starting Blocks
Adjustable Motocross Starting Blocks Risk Racing Lifestyle 4

High Traction NON-SLIP Tops

The Adjustable Motocross Starting Blocks feature high traction, non-slip tops that ensure your feet stay firmly planted during every start. This reliable footing is crucial, especially in challenging conditions where stability can make or break your launch. With these starting blocks, you can trust that your feet will remain secure, giving you the confidence to focus on your technique and achieve the perfect start every time.

Collapsible and Interlocking For Easy Transport

The Risk Racing Adjustable Motocross Starting Blocks are designed with convenience in mind. These blocks feature an innovative interlocking system that allows them to collapse and snap together seamlessly. This compact design makes it incredibly easy to transport and store the blocks, ensuring they are always ready for your next race or practice session. Whether you’re heading to the track or packing up after a day of training, these interlocking blocks provide a hassle-free solution for motocross riders of all levels.

MX Racer pushing his dirt bike through the pits at Daytona with a pair of Adjustable Starting Blocks hanging on his handlebars.
Risk Racing Starting Blocks callout diagram. Text reads: high traction non-slip tops, spring loaded adjustment hooks, collapsible & interlocking, powder coated heavy duty steel, adjustable legs change height from 1.75

Better Body Position and Balance

The key is better body position, better balance, and getting your feet closer to your foot pegs. The Risk Racing Adjustable Motocross Starting Blocks offer all the features that the riders need and that the competitor starting blocks don’t have!

Close up of a pair of Adjustable Motocross Starting Blocks with just the motocross riders boots in view gently sitting on top


Adjustable Height From 1.75″ to 7″

Interlocking For Easy Storage & Transport

Maintain Balance

Achieve Better Holeshot Starts

Beneficial For Riders Of All Sizes

Great For Moto Parents With Different Sized Kids (Simply Adjust to Fit)

High Traction, Non-Slip Tops

Heavy Duty Powder Coated Steel

What's Included

Starting Blocks - Adjustable Motocross Starting Aid on a white studio background
In the Box
  • [2] Adjustable Starting Blocks

California Prop. 65 WARNING:
This product can expose you to Bisphenol A, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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