Pro Motocross Racer Brent Rouse trains for the Holeshot - Risk Racing

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Pro Motocross Racer Brent Rouse trains for the Holeshot

August 23, 2019

Pro Motocross Racer Brent Rouse trains for the Holeshot - Risk Racing

Pro Motocross Racer, Brent Rouse, is competing in the AMA Outdoor Nationals this year and he is looking for that edge that will bring him to the front of the pack.  He thinks that edge might be improving his starting skills and winning the Holeshot. 

Brent Rouse Risk Racing Holeshot Practice Motocross Starting Gate

If you aren't familiar with motocross racing terms, the HOLESHOT is the term given to the rider who exits the first turn in first place.  No easy task as all 40 riders start a motocross race side by side.  Considering the speed, competitive nature, and the sheer bravery these racers all have, entering and exiting that first corner in first place is insane!   However, it is also the best opportunity to lead and pull away from the pack as the rest of the riders funnel through the first turn.   

Brent has turned to motocross company Risk Racing and their Holeshot Practice Starting Gate to help him train for the Holeshot.  The Risk Racing Holeshot Practice Gate is wireless, random timed, and linkable to multiple gates.  As a crazy statistic, most of the top racers in the world train with this the Risk Racing Holeshot Gate.  It improves reaction time, but also helps the riders train muscle memory from the drop of the gate all the way to the first turn.  It is also a consistent way to test tires and bike setup. 

Wish Brent good luck as the race series comes to its final race this weekend.  We are all rooting for him to win the Holeshot and finish on top of the box!     

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