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Neumáticos Plews HAWKSTONE GP Neumático de motocross

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Plews Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee Details

In order to qualify for a refund under our Money Back Guarantee for tire purchases, the buyer must adhere to the following conditions:

Tread Depth Requirement:
Tires must have a minimum of 80% tread depth remaining at the time of return. Tread depth will be measured at the shallowest point of the tire grooves.
Timeframe for Return:
The return must be initiated within 30 days of the original purchase date.
Proof of Purchase:
A valid proof of purchase, such as the original sales receipt or invoice, must be provided when initiating the return. Money back guarantee only applies to tires purchase directly through Risk Racing - we can't offer this if purchased through dealers or 3rd parties
Return Authorization:
Prior to returning the tires, the buyer must obtain authorization from RISK Racing Customer Service. Authorization can be requested by contacting our dedicated customer support team at
Return Shipping Costs:
The buyer is responsible for all return shipping costs unless otherwise specified by RISK Racing.
Inspection Period:
Once the returned tires are received, RISK Racing will conduct a thorough inspection to ensure compliance with the specified requirements. Refunds will be processed within 5 business days upon successful verification.
Refund Method:
Refunds will be issued using the original payment method used for the purchase.
This Money Back Guarantee does not cover tires that have been misused, improperly installed, or subjected to abnormal riding conditions. If we receive a tire that does not qualify (not enough tread depth or out of time window) the customer must pay to get the tire back, or we will dispose of it. We aren't responsible for any tires shipped back that don't meet the money back guidelines.

By initiating a return under this Money Back Guarantee, the buyer acknowledges and agrees to abide by the outlined conditions. RISK Racing reserves the right to amend or terminate the Money Back Guarantee policy at its discretion.


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Terrain Type:

Tire terrain type UI selector showing 3 different terrains using text. Soft, Intermediate, and Hard with the indicator selecting soft meaning this tire is good for soft terrain like sand and mud.

🏁 Plews Tyres - 

  • Pattern Name: HAWKSTONE GP
  • Pattern Number: MX1
  • Terrain: Soft
  • Designed in the UK

MX1 HAWKSTONE GP: Conquer the Deep Sand and Mud

Meet the MX1 HAWKSTONE GP - your ultimate weapon for sand and mud terrain domination. This tire is more than just a tire; it's your key to triumph.

Lightweight, High-Performance

The MX1 Hawkstone GP is designed for one thing – superior performance. Its lightweight construction maximizes agility and speed.

Deep Sand and Mud Mastery

When the terrain gets tough, this tire gets tougher. The aggressive sharp design offers maximum grip in deep sand and mud.

Lateral Stability

Conquering off-cambers and jump faces is a breeze with the MX1 Hawkstone GP. It features increased shoulder support for exceptional lateral stability.

Born to Win, Made to Last

Every MX1 Hawkstone GP tire is born to win, made to win, and engineered to endure. We understand the financial challenges in racing, and our pricing reflects our commitment to supporting racers.

motocross bike wearing Plews tires sitting on a Risk Racing A.T.S. stand at an MX track with a giant sign in the background that reads: this is hawkstone

Global Expertise

The compound is the result of global collaboration, guided by world-leading chemists. It blends durability and grip, utilizing cutting-edge technology and materials from around the world.

Purpose-Designed Construction

The MX1 Hawkstone GP features a polyester carcass with a tailored ply construction for stability and control in deep terrain.

Very muddy motocross racer navigating a turn with very wet mud splashing away from them.

Improved Traction

Thanks to increased block height, you'll experience superior traction right out of the gate.

Designed to Win!

This tire is not just rubber; it's a promise of victory. It's not just a component; it's your path to glory. Elevate your off-road game with the MX1 Hawkstone GP. Order now and discover a new level of performance in deep sand and mud.

HAWKSTONE Collection

Available in a rear tire only.


Available Sizes:


Need more than just a single front or rear tire?


General Tire Sizing Guidelines

The table below is very general information. To find your exact tire needed just do a Google search similar to: "What size tire for a 2022 Honda CRF250R" to get the exact specs.

General bike size / style front rear
450 MOTO
450 Trail style bike
Full size Enduro / Hard Enduro
250 MOTO
125 MOTO
250 Trail style bike
125 Trail style bike
Race 50 MOTO 2.5-12 2.75-10
Entry level small 50 / PW 50 / TTr50
2.5-10 2.5-10
Pit Bike / TTr110 / KLX 110 / CRF 110 2.5-14 3.0-12
What do the numbers mean?
  • The first number is the width of the tire in mm.
  • The second number is the height of the sidewall given as a % of the width.
  • The third number is the diameter of the wheel in inches.

Example: 120/80-19 or A/B-C [ The width(A) of the tire is 120mm. The sidewall height(B) is 80% of 120 or 96mm. And it fits a 19in wheel(C) ]

Size Conversion Chart
Front Tires
Metric Inch
60/100 2.50/2.75
70/100 2.75/3.00
80/100 3.00/3.25
Rear Tires
Metric Inch
80/90 2.50/3.60
80/100 2.50/3.60
90/100 3.60/4.10
110/90 3.60/4.10
100/100 4.00/4.10
110/100 4.00/4.10

California Prop. 65 WARNING:
This product can expose you to Bisphenol A, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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