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Mud Axe, Seal Doctor, and hands-free flashlights plus the EZ3 3 gallon utility Jug Gas Can,hose bender, and Flow control auto shut-off spout.

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  • Hands-Free Flashlights

    Hands-Free Flashlights and task lights designed for working on your motorcycle, but great all around your shop, garage or house!

  • Utility Jug & Accessories

    Risk Racing has the most innovative Utility Jug and Utility Jug hoses on the market.  Check out the EZ3 3 Gallon jug, the Hose Bender, and the Flow Control Auto Shut-off spout!  

  • Seal Doctors

    The Seal Doctor has been tested by most dirt bike magazines and the results are unanimous...5 stars!  If you have a leaky fork seal this is the best tool to have.  Most of the time, the cause of the leak is debris trapped in the seal.  The Seal Doctor is designed to easily remove that debris and NOT shove it into the fork like other makeshift tools or techniques.  For dirt bikes and street bikes.

  • Pit Canopies

    Risk Racing makes premium pit canopies.  They are designed to be strong, lights, and easy to setup...not to mention they make your pit look as fast as you are!  pick the 10x10 or the 10x20 size canopies.  

  • Mud Axe and More...

    Here you will find the best mud scraper on the market, the Risk Racing Mud Axe.  Soon you will find other specialty tools in this category.  Until then, put a Mud Axe in your cart and go clean 20 lbs of mud off your bike!

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Showing 1 - 15 of 17 items
Showing 1 - 15 of 17 items